Model Commissions

Prices and information

What You'll Get:

✿ 3D Model FBX and .Blend
✿ VRM/VRC Blendshapes + 4 Expressions
✿ Model Converted to VRM File


✿ Additional Outfit:$150+
✿ Additional Hair:$50+
✿ Outfitless Base:$75
✿ ARKit:$75
✿.VSF File:$35
✿VRC Package:$35

Models usually range from $700-$1000 this can go up or down depending on the complexity of the design! ✿

If you want to know exactly how much, please submit a form to me via Twitter.


Contact information

You can contact me via Twitter with the following information if you are interested in commissioning me!

Commission Form:

☆ Additional Items:
☆ VRChat file:ㅤ 
☆ Outfitless Base (Y/N):
☆ Please include a reference 

Required for VRC File only:

☆ Thumbs up:
☆ Peace Sign:
☆ Finger Point:
☆ Rock and Roll:
☆ Open Hand:
☆ Finger Guns: 

Terms of Service

I will not make changes, for free, to your model after it's been one week since delivery.

Unless there is an issue to the model that is caused by me, I am not going to be doing "fixes" or "changes" for free to your model for free, these will need to paid for.

You only get one Major Modification

You're more than welcome to ask me for changes during this process of working on the model free of charge. However, if we've agreed an area of a model is finished and you decide you would like to change it afterward, I will only do this free of charge once.

Once work begins on a model, you cannot request a refund!

Once I begin to work on a model, I will not be accepting refunds. HOWEVER, If I refund your model you will receive the payment back.

Models are not meant for commercial use!

I have decided to not charge extra for streaming with the Model on Youtube or Twitch, like many other creators do. But you may not redistribute or produce revenue with the model in any way.

This does not mean that you cannot receive donations or subs, whatever you earn on your stream is 100% still yours.

If you purchased an "outfitless" base you are allowed to redistribute that to another modeler, etc... if you are commissioning them for an outfit or etc...

Models can take 1-3 months for full completion.

Models may take longer to finish, you ask DM me at anytime. I will always try my best to deliver the product quickly and with quality.

You are required to credit me on Twitter or on Twitch.

Literally don't even commission me if you're not going to do this.

I retain the right to post or showcase Commissions on my website or any form of social media

You can totally ask me to wait until after a debut or something but just let me know okay!

By Commissioning me you are agreeing to the Terms of Service listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use Vroid?

NOPE! These are made in blender from scratch!

What is the difference between VSF and VRM Files?

VSF is a file format that is specifically used for VSeeFace, a free VTuber application. Personally I recommend VSF file format over the VSF one as it allows for model options. However, if you're using a program like Luppet you'll want to opt for VRM.

Do you make Vtuber Models

Yes, I make models for the main purpose of VTubing, however they can be used in VRChat.

I didn't purchase an add-on, can I get it later?

Yes, You can purchase an add-on at a later date!

How do I use Blender / Unity with my model?

I offer my services for a fee, therefore if you want to learn Blender and Unity, I'm not the person to ask. You can look up youtube videos but I cannot take the time to teach you.

What is a Blendshape/Shapekey?

A Blendshape/Shapekey is basically just AIEO mouth movements, eyes closing, expressions, etc...

Fanart and Commissions!

Ritsu (acc move)


Acc Moved